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Save Family Stories with Thingealogy®

Use Thingealogy® to save stories of important belongings with photos, audio recordings, and written descriptions. Once saved, share with family members for their comments or share on Facebook and Twitter. The beneficiary feature makes Thingealogy® a useful tool for estate planning purposes.

Take photos of meaningful things and record the stories behind these belongings.

Assign these recorded stories, now known as “Things,” to “Collections,” such as China, Heirlooms, Furniture, Medals, etc.

Share with your family via text, email, Twitter or Facebook and invite them to add comments.

Designate beneficiaries for “Things” if organizing your possessions for downsizing or estate planning purposes.

A Feature-Packed Organization Tool

This feature-packed organization tool is free for the first 10 stories you save. After that you can add as many stories as you want for a one-time purchase of $9.99.

QR Code Generation

All “Things" are assigned a QR code that is saved as a label-ready image.

Estate Sale Perfection

Print your QR code label to place on the back of your “Things,” so their stories stay with them.

Purposeful Engagement

Engage your family, friends, or customers in fun and meaningful conversations about your “Things.”

Too Many Use Cases to Count

You can use Thingealogy® for many purposes, including organizing belongings for insurance purposes, preparing information for estate sales, and preserving the stories behind your loved ones’ memorabilia.

Fun, Easy, and Safe to Use

Thingealogy® has been expertly designed to make it easy and intuitive to use on your iPad, iPhone, or smartphone.

Once you log into your account from any desktop, you can back it up on that hard drive too. If you have any questions about Thingealogy®, email

Why Use Thingealogy®?

Our homes are filled with the people we love, shared memories, and collected belongings. Many of these belongings are cherished because of the stories they hold. The purpose of Thingealogy® is to provide a system for family members to save these stories, so they can be shared now and with future generations.

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Everyone has things: family photos, memorabilia, furniture, paintings, jewelry, family recipes, books, sports jerseys, childhood toys, awards, maps, trading cards, comic books, record collections, and more.

Give Thingealogy® a try to tell the stories of cherished family belongings.

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